Deliver much added value to you.

Through our business, we aim to improve the world by delivering much-added value to people around the world.

We will expand our global business by providing solutions to maximize our clients' value based on the business development capabilities we have cultivated in our Japanese and overseas businesses.


Fitspot Work
Fitspot Work bridges the client's overseas headquarters and Japan, supporting your business from the Japanese side.
We provide solutions such as server disposal for office relocation, procurement of IT equipment, and business development in Japan.
IOR Service
IOR Service is to use our company's entity as the importer to perform import declaration, customs formality, and related business support in Japan when your company exports IT equipment to Japan.
Business development
We have knowledge of fintech, online payments, and e-commerce businesses in Japan and abroad. Based on these experiences, we can provide business development support for you in Japan.
Web service development
Contribute to the development of web services using modern web technologies. To ensure success, we provide project management that includes various overseas partners.

About us

Company  Polyvaly, Inc.
Established Nobember 2018
Services   Web service Fitspot Work, IOR service, business development
CEO      Hirofumi Monden
Address   〒151-0071 4-37-7-205 HONMACHI, SHIBUYA-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN


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