Polyvaly, Inc.


We think that our world can be enriched if the rewards are gained by providing the added value of each other. We hope to provide service that can share the added value with peace of mind.


E-Commerce Consulting

E-commerce in Asia is expanding rapidly, And each country has its own suited promotions and online payment methods.
We have experience and knowledge with Online payment and E-commerce business for 4 years in Southeast Asia and 6 years in Japan. We can provide the best solution based on our experience.

Web Service

“Fitspot Work”, service for people who have business to Japan.
“Fitspot Japan Media”, Japanese culture, business and activity information media.

Web System Development

We use modern web technology to contribute to web service development. We conduct project management including overseas and various partners and lead to success.



Company name Polyvaly, Inc.
Established Nobember 2018
Business E-Commerce Business Consulting
Web Service
Web System Development
CEO Hirofumi Monden
Office 〒151-0071